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ARG2 Sollevatore Arganello

Art. ARG2

Hand winch stacker
with automatic friction brake

Being a handy and functional  stacker  ARG2 allows the user to lift loads up to 200 Kg to an height of 1.580 mm.
Through the hand winch the load can be  lifted with a minimum effort and through the automatic clutch the load can be blocked at any point within the lifting range.

The load can only be lowered through a direct operation on the hand winch.





Kg 200

Lifting height

mm 1.580

Winch with automatic friction brake- capacity 500 Kg, manufactured by AL.KO

Cable breaking load 1.000 kg

Push handles



mm 1.000

Total width

mm 530

Minimum overall height

mm 1.970

Maximum overall height

mm 1.970
Length of fixed legs mm 600


Length mm 600
Width mm 80
Thickness mm 50
Inner distance between forks mm 200

2 BACK WHEELS in Nylon/polyurethane

mm 150
   1 with brake

2 Nylon front rollers

mm 80x40

Turning radius

Wa mm 930

Epoxy powder painted

Weight Kg 70


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