CARMECCANICA S.r.l. is a manufacturer of all kind of hand trucks, suitable for material handling, transport and storage.

 CARMCECCANICA can offer a wide range of solutions: its hand carts are designed to solve many material handling related problems.

All carts are built in accordance with 89/392/CEE directive (on machinery).

Carmeccanica's Quality System is certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 rules by TV UK QA

With its flexible organization comprising many producer units, controlled and managed by a central unit, Carmeccanica can satisfy any request in a short time, and it can also design hand carts for any purpose.

Carmeccanica's staff's competency and proficiency, granted by a 30 years experience in this industry, are at the customers' complete disposal.

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Carmeccanica S.r.l.
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